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Key questions to ask before a modern analytics migration

February 23 2021

Key questions to ask before a modern analytics migration

Migrating to a modern analytics platform allows for growth and scale as demand for data increases. The flexibility to transform data into actionable insights allows companies to operate faster and more efficiently. In this post, we will review some of the key questions that often assist a smooth migration.

DAX Day is a thing. We invented it. You're welcome.

February 9 2021

DAX stands for Data Analysis Expressions.

You may ask yourself, "Why is DAX important?"


How to Create Measure Tables, Display Folders, and Organize your Measures in Power BI

January 7 2021

How to Create Measure Tables, Display Folders, and Organize your Measures in Power BI

Recently while working with a customer I was presented with a challenge that I hadn’t considered before; they have more than 50 measures in a dataset and asked for the best practices around organizing them. After pausing for a bit too long, I said I would get back to them and provide our recommendations. I then proceeded to spend the better part of 2 days agonizing over how to make a simple yet robust system for organizing measures for both dataset developers and report builders.

Intro to DataFlows

December 29 2020

Intro to DataFlows

DataFlows is one of the more exciting features added to Power BI of late. It allows anyone with experience in Power BI to create full ETL solutions through a few clicks rather than the traditional futzing around with SSIS, Stored Procedures, or any of the other multitudes of products and solutions out there.

Let's step through a common scenario using DataFlows, sourcing some data from SQL server:

Data Wrangling Series: Major League Baseball Play by Play Data in Azure Data Lake Gen2

October 2 2020

Azure / Power BI

This is a continuation of our series on “weird data wrangling” scenarios. In this blog post, I will tackle some interesting data on Major League Baseball play by play data.

Getting Started with Power BI Series: The Best Tools to Make You Successful

September 30 2020

Power BI

Are you new to Power BI? Have you always wanted to know how to use the tool, but never knew where to start? This is the blog post for you! My colleagues suggested that I create a blog post series highlighting the important pieces to learn when getting started with Power BI-- based on my own experiences. This will be the first of several blog posts that will demonstrate the steps you should take to get started on the right foot with Power BI.

Score Sentiment of Amazon Reviews in Power BI Premium Dataflows

September 7 2020

Power BI

In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to consume cognitive services in Power BI Premium, using a publicly available dataset of Amazon music instrument reviews. I want to score the sentiment of the review text and compare that with the number of stars given to any given product. The main purpose of this post is to show at a high-level how to use Azure Cognitive Services in Power BI Premium inside dataflows. A basic working knowledge of Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service is assumed, and access to Power BI Premium with a functioning gateway is required.

5 Things you are Doing Wrong in Power BI

September 1 2020


Power BI