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Managed Services

Experience proactive monitoring and management across a spectrum of elements including servers, workstations, networks, storage area networks (SAN), backups, images, and coordination with third-party vendors.

Amid tech complexity and competition, managed services offer a proactive, cost-efficient solution.

By outsourcing routine tasks and having KiZAN’s dedicated team manage and maintain your systems, you free up valuable resources and reduce downtime. In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, it’s critical to have a partner who stays ahead of the curve and can adapt to your changing needs. Invest in managed services to elevate your business and stay ahead of the game.

Data and AI Solutions for Business

Today, AI and analytics serve as a powerful catalyst, enabling smaller enterprises to establish a significant online presence while empowering large corporations to forge deeper, more personal connections with their customers. The potential for leveraging data, AI, and analytics on a grand scale is boundless in a world filled with uncertainties. Within the realm of business, the integration of data and AI offers boundless opportunities and a substantial competitive edge. At KiZAN, we firmly believe that AI represents the next evolution in computing, a transformative technology poised to impact virtually every facet of the business landscape. In particular, generative AI, the latest iteration of AI models developed by OpenAI and Microsoft, harnessed through Microsoft's state-of-the-art supercomputing infrastructure and built upon vast datasets, is primed to assist organizations in reshaping productivity, business processes, human experiences, and more.

While many organizations aspire to harness the potential of artificial intelligence, KiZAN's AI solutions transform these aspirations into tangible realities, enabling you to extract maximum value from your data and analytics strategy. Our capabilities, ranging from generative AI to intelligent automation and data modernization, among others, unlock unparalleled insights and amplify the impact of your data on your business.

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Consider our Managed Services if you:

  • Need comprehensive security management, including content filtering, XDR management, and vCISO-driven compliance strategies.
  • Require robust backup solutions for Office 365 data, third-party off-site backups, and email protection against spam and phishing attacks.
  • Seek all-encompassing IT support, including remote assistance, on-site services, 24x7 help desk, and swift access to replacement parts.
  • Want proactive network management covering patch updates, spam control, email archiving, and continuous critical monitoring.
  • Aim for digital transformation, needing guidance on implementation, training, SharePoint, Teams, and modern applications.
  • Prefer hassle-free vendor management with a single point of contact and streamlined technology relationships.
  • Seek professional services like technology consulting, solution engineering, annual telco audits, and proof of concept lab testing for innovation.

Managed Services Solutions

Security Management

Security Management

Services include content filtering and reporting for internet control, expert management of XDR solutions for comprehensive threat response, customized security policy creation and compliance with vCISO services, advanced protection against spyware, botnets, and phishing, and secure remote access for efficient, safe work.
Backup & Email Security

Backup & Email Security

  • Data in Office 365: Safeguarding critical data within Office 365 through secure backup solutions to prevent data loss or corruption.
  • Backup to 3rd Party Off-Site Provider: Establishing reliable off-site backups with a trusted third-party provider for redundancy and disaster recovery.
  • TLC Basic Email Protection (Spam, Attachments, Phishing): Providing comprehensive email protection by filtering out spam, malicious attachments, and phishing attempts.
All Bases Covered

All Bases Covered

  • Remote Assistance: Offering remote troubleshooting and support to address issues promptly.
  • Onsite Services as Needed: Providing on-site support and maintenance as required to ensure seamless operations.
  • Replacement Parts: Ensuring quick access to replacement parts to minimize downtime in case of hardware failures.
  • 24x7 Help Desk: Offering round-the-clock support to address any IT-related issues or concerns.
  • Smartphone Support: Extending support services to cover smartphones and mobile devices used within the network environment.
Taking Initiative With Your Network

Taking Initiative With Your Network

  • Patch and AV Updates: Managing and implementing timely updates for patches and antivirus software to keep your network secure.
  • SPAM Control: Implementing robust controls and filters to minimize spam-related disruptions.
  • Email Archiving & Email Continuity: Setting up email archiving solutions for compliance and ensuring email continuity during outages or disruptions.
  • Critical Monitoring 24x7x365: Continuously monitoring critical systems and networks around the clock for immediate issue detection and resolution.
Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation Consulting

  • Implementation & Training: Assisting with the implementation of digital transformation initiatives and providing comprehensive training to ensure smooth adoption.
  • SharePoint / OneDrive: Consulting and support for SharePoint and OneDrive implementations for efficient document management and collaboration.
  • Teams (Application and Voice): Facilitating the adoption and optimization of Microsoft Teams for both application and voice communication needs.
  • Modern Application: Guidance and support for the implementation of modern applications to streamline business processes.
Hassle-Free Vendor Management

Hassle-Free Vendor Management

  • Manage Technology Relationships: Serving as a liaison with various technology vendors, managing relationships, and ensuring optimal service delivery.
  • Single Point-Of-Contact for Vendor Issues: Acting as the primary contact for any vendor-related issues or escalations, simplifying communication and resolution processes.
Professional Services

Professional Services

  • Technology/Business Consulting (vCIO): Providing strategic technology and business consulting services through a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to align technology with business goals.
  • Technology Solution Engineering: Designing and engineering tailored technology solutions to meet specific business needs.
  • Annual Telco Services Audit: Conducting yearly audits of telecommunication services to optimize costs and performance.
  • Proof of Concept Lab Testing: Testing new technology concepts or solutions in a controlled environment before full implementation to assess feasibility and functionality.

Engagement Offers

Find the resources that you need to meet you where you are in your digital journey.

Customer Success

KiZAN Transforms Law Office's IT Infrastructure, Bolstering Stability and Security

Amid declining service quality from their previous provider, a law office turned to KiZAN for comprehensive IT management. KiZAN's strategic overhaul enhanced stability and security by improving patching, optimizing storage, and redesigning the network. This transformation unlocked new services like cloud productivity and server upgrades while shielding the law office from inadequate service and security risks due to irregular server patching.

KiZAN Services: Enhancing Terminix's IT Infrastructure Securely and Cost-Effectively

During Terminix's divestiture, KiZAN provided tailored managed IT services covering endpoint management, server upkeep, and streamlined Microsoft 365 administration. Their solutions fortified security, ensured compliance, and outperformed traditional management models, resulting in a significantly enhanced, cost-efficient IT landscape for Terminix. KiZAN's intervention delivered a robust, secure system at a lower operational cost, marking a substantial improvement over conventional approaches.


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We want to hear from you! If you have any questions about our services, our culture, employment at KiZAN, or need support, click the button!

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions about our services, our culture, employment at KiZAN, or need support, click the button!