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See and stop threats before they cause harm.






Azure Sentinel Jumpstart: Accelerate the design and deployment of Azure Sentinel to quickly realize the benefits of a cloud SIEM.

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Save money and bring your workloads to the cloud with our certified best practices.






Datacenter Modernization: IT managers seeking to confidently migrate servers and databases to the cloud can take advantage of KiZAN's certified best practices.

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Deliver seamless, collaborative experiences for employees, business partners and customers.






Modernize Communications Workshop: Showcase modern calling capabilities and build a plan to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Calling.

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Deliver differentiated experiences

Designed to accelerate loyalty, growth, and profitability through personalized customer interactions and financial insights.

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Empower employees

Use solutions to improve productivity and workflows to boost employee experiences and strengthen customer connections.

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Combat financial crime

Help identify and respond to evolving criminal activity while helping to protect against losses.

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Boost security and compliance

Help stay ahead of sophisticated attacks and on top of evolving regulatory requirements.

Unlock Value with FinOps

FinOps is a framework that optimizes your Azure costs and accelerates value. KiZAN can help you manage your cloud spending and focus on what matters most to your business.


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“When I reach out to KiZAN with a challenge, KiZAN’s approach, resources, and cost model (investment) has time and again consistently delivered value to people in our organization.”


Nathaniel Hauenstein | Global Enterprise Infrastructure Manager | Chart Industries


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