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Revolutionizing Financial Solutions with Microsoft Cloud

Our unparalleled experience with Depository Institutions, Accounting Providers, and Retirements Systems provides direction to leverage and optimize your technology investments and provide a competitive advantage.

Experience the Potential of Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services:

Elevate business potential and foster stronger customer connections. Explore the future of AI-driven financial services. Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services presents a robust, adaptable platform designed to unlock significant business value and cultivate enduring customer relationships.
Deliver differentiated experiences:

Designed to accelerate loyalty, growth, and profitability through personalized customer interactions and financial insights.

Deliver differentiated experiences:
Empower employees:

Use solutions to improve productivity and workflows to boost employee experiences and strengthen customer connections.

Empower employees:
Combat financial crime:

Help identify and respond to evolving criminal activity while helping to protect against losses.

Combat financial crime:
Boost security and compliance:

Help stay ahead of sophisticated attacks and on top of evolving regulatory requirements.

Boost security and compliance:
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Unlock Your Competitive Edge with KiZAN's Expertise!

Join leading banks, retirement systems, and accounting providers who trust KiZAN to steer their strategic roadmap. Benefit from our unparalleled experience in Depository Institutions, Accounting Providers, and Retirement Systems, gaining direction to maximize and optimize your technology investments.

Gain the competitive advantage you seek by partnering with KiZAN today!

Customer Success

KiZAN Empowers Financial Institution's Compliance & Security with Microsoft Purview Integration

KiZAN partnered with a financial institution, using Microsoft Purview solutions to ensure compliance (HIPAA, PCI-DSS) and protect sensitive data. This move enhanced data governance, minimized risks, and improved compliance measures, yielding substantial benefits for the institution.

KiZAN Enhances PSCU's Endpoint Management and Compliance with Intune Optimization

KiZAN conducted a thorough review of PSCU's setup, spotting areas for enhancement despite their Intune use. Intervening, KiZAN activated Autopilot, secured with Windows Hello, and enabled co-management, elevating PSCU's endpoint management to meet financial sector standards, ensuring compliance and regulatory alignment.

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