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Modern Work and Productivity

Solutions to help you digitally transform employee experiences that help you create a thriving culture.

Elevate your employee experience

Empower your workforce and embrace hybrid work with our Modern Work solutions. We specialize in helping customers boost productivity and seamlessly transition to a modern work environment using Microsoft 365. Choosing KiZAN as your partner signifies a commitment to training, accreditation, and a proven history of delivering solutions that drive customer success.

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Consider our Modern Work services if you:

  • Need assistance in deploying, driving adoption of, and managing Microsoft 365 apps and services to enhance productivity, learning, organization, connectivity, and creativity.
  • Seek to empower personal computing with deployment and modern management services for Windows and Windows 365.
  • Want to implement and drive adoption of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams Devices, and Microsoft Teams Rooms to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration through chat, meetings, and calls.
  • Require services and solutions to digitally enable your frontline workers.
  • Seek to enhance employee experience with services and solutions for Microsoft Viva, promoting knowledge sharing, culture building, skill development, and overall well-being.
  • Have specific needs for custom apps and solutions on the Microsoft 365 platform.

Modern Work Solutions

Generative AI

The End of Busywork is Here

Transform productivity and creativity using Generative AI with Microsoft Copilot, pairing AI and people seamlessly.

Enable Copilot directly within Microsoft 365 Apps, Teams, GitHub, and more, ensuring secure, AI-powered productivity leveraging Microsoft Graph.

Benefit from enterprise-grade security and privacy, processing data within your Microsoft 365 tenant for trusted, compliant, and responsible AI."



Boost productivity and collaboration across architectures with smart design. Gain control through top-tier monitoring tools for governance and security.

Optimize systems with personalized email rules and organized inboxes. Enable real-time sharing across devices for seamless operations.



Transition to streamlined communication platforms with KiZAN’s expertise in on-premises, hybrid, and cloud PBX deployments. Connect all stakeholders using industry-leading tools and best practices.

Ensure system health with monthly checks and host video conferences for up to 250 participants. Enhance communication by integrating HD video, desktop sharing, and collaborative tools.

Keep your IT team updated on evolving voice and collaboration technologies through mentoring.

Document Management

Document Management

Transform your content management with KiZAN’s award-winning solutions, shifting from traditional ECM to dynamic content services in the cloud. Improve document search and accessibility for crucial information.

Integrate documents across enterprise systems, streamline file sync across devices, and utilize Content AI for document workflows and understanding.

Ensure seamless document integration with external systems and manage retention, access, and security efficiently.



KiZAN streamlines diverse communication channels—social media, texts, chats, emails, calls, and meetings—for cohesive teams, secure data, and controlled costs.

Ensure administrative control with top-tier monitoring tools and compliance measures. Guide governance, compliance, and security with practical expertise and leading tools.

Empower IT staff through monthly health checks and mentoring on new tech. Enhance collaboration seamlessly across devices—phones, tablets, desktops, and the web.

Business Collaboration

Business Collaboration

KiZAN aligns diverse communication channels—social media, texting, chats, emails, calls, and meetings—for team cohesion, data security, and cost efficiency.

Modernize sales and operations for faster, more efficient outcomes. Simplify communication and collaboration by connecting people, information, and tools.

Enhance security, access control, and document management for better employee engagement, retention, and recruitment. Achieve time savings and process automation by adding flexibility and scalability to business operations.

Engagement Offers

Find the resources that you need to meet you where you are in your digital journey.

Customer Success

KiZAN Enhances Corporate Communication Evolution for a Security Systems Leader

KiZAN guided a top security systems leader in deploying Viva Connections and the Company Communicator Teams app, reshaping their corporate communications. The company, deeply invested in SharePoint Online, sought to modernize communication methods for evolving work styles. Initially reliant on email and bulletin boards, frontline and Support Center employees swiftly adopted Viva Connections, hitting over 60% monthly active usage in just one week among all licensed staff.

Advanced Intranet Evolution in Collaboration with a Prominent Lawn Service Provider

In a strategic partnership, KiZAN collaborated with a distinguished player in the lawn service industry to evaluate, pinpoint, and pilot the deployment of Viva Connections using SharePoint Online, transforming their intranet system. A pivotal aspect involved ensuring the intranet's mobile optimization for seamless access via Microsoft Teams for all employees. The successful engagement led to a comprehensive launch facilitated by KiZAN's support. This collaboration stemmed from a referral by Microsoft, appointing KiZAN as the partner to implement a new, user-friendly, and brand-aligned intranet for the lawn service provider.

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