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Fuel Retail Growth with Microsoft Cloud

Our expertise spans consulting for wholesalers, durable goods distributors, food stores, apparel and accessory chains, furnishing suppliers, and the hospitality industry, providing unparalleled guidance across diverse sectors.

Leverage your data for better business insights and growth.

Maximize customer insights and extract greater value from your data by consolidating data sources throughout the shopper journey, crafting a comprehensive customer view.
Understanding Your Customers:

Identify, Adapt, and Serve Evolving Customer Needs for Deeper Engagement Across a Multitude of Channels, Elevating Relationships.

Understanding Your Customers:
Empowering Your Workforce:

Equip Your Teams with Advanced Tools for Delivering Exceptional Customer Service, Empowering Excellence.

Understanding Your Customers:
Forging Resilient Supply Chains:

Develop Agile and Responsive Supply Networks to Seamlessly Fulfill Customer Demand on a Larger Scale.

Understanding Your Customers:
Revolutionizing Retail:

Catalyze Innovation to Transform Your Business Model, Paving the Way for Future-Forward Progress and Success.

Revolutionizing Retail:
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Discover the Limitless Potential of Microsoft's Retail Solutions with KiZAN.

Elevate Your Retail Business to New Heights of Innovation, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction. Unleash the Full Spectrum of Microsoft Products Tailored to Enhance Every Aspect of Your Retail Operation. Transform Your Strategies, Amplify Growth, and Craft Unforgettable Customer Experiences.

Partner with KiZAN for a Seamless Journey into Retail Excellence with Microsoft Solutions.

Customer Success

KiZAN Empowers Murphy USA's Security with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Integration

Murphy USA, Inc. strengthened security using Microsoft tech, integrating advanced AI tools. With KiZAN, they assessed, fine-tuned, and adopted best practices for robust protection. KiZAN's collaboration empowered Murphy USA to manage and expand Microsoft Defender for Endpoint across platforms, creating a unified system for comprehensive vulnerability management and endpoint security.

KiZAN Drives Successful Teams Phone Migration for Abercrombie and Fitch

Abercrombie and Fitch partnered with KiZAN Technologies for a smooth transition to Teams Phone services, gaining comprehensive guidance and resources. KiZAN's expertise covered design, configuration, user migration, and crucial E911 integration, leading to significant cost savings by avoiding a costly Cisco renewal and eliminating the need for a separate voice solution. Abercrombie successfully migrated home office employees to Teams Phone before their Cisco renewal and piloted successful store migrations, showcasing their proficiency.

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