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Cloud Architecture, Adoption, & Migration

KiZAN’s cloud architecture and adoption experts can help you build and manage your cloud resources to improve your scalability, performance, high availability, and resiliency. A robust and right-sized foundation will lead to better disaster recovery solutions, higher-performing applications, and increased flexibility.

Improve Scalability, Performance, High Availability, and Resiliency

Enhance your business with KiZAN's expertise in cloud architecture. We specialize in optimizing scalability, boosting performance, ensuring high availability, and fortifying resiliency. A well-crafted foundation not only improves disaster recovery solutions but also elevates application performance and provides the flexibility your business needs.

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Consider our Infrastructure services for your business needs.

  • Is your business looking for scalable solutions? Discover the flexibility to scale resources like compute power and storage based on demand, without hefty upfront investments. 
  • Are you aiming for flexibility in work arrangements? Access cloud infrastructure from virtually anywhere and on various devices, empowering remote work and facilitating quick responses to changing business conditions. 
  • Seeking reliable infrastructure management? Trust in large, experienced providers with dedicated teams of experts, ensuring high availability and business continuity in the face of dynamic conditions. 
  • Concerned about data security? Explore the tested and proven methods employed by reputable technology companies, hosting your data on servers with a high degree of security, providing a cost-effective way to enhance your business's security. 
  • Want increased resiliency for your business? Leverage the scalability, security, and reliability of large-scale cloud infrastructure to enhance your business's resilience in the face of disruptions. 

Security Solutions



  • Harness the power of a unified AI platform for constructing, assessing, and deploying generative AI solutions and custom copilots. 
  • Innovate with cutting-edge, market-ready applications tailored for your organization through the integration of AI. 
  • Achieve unparalleled accuracy in responses using advanced retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) technology. 
  • Establish a unique advantage by constructing, fine-tuning, and training custom AI models based on your own data. 
  • Experience the benefits of AI-optimized infrastructure, designed for building and training some of the industry’s most advanced AI solutions. 
Azure Migrate and Modernize, and Azure Innovate

Azure Migrate and Modernize, and Azure Innovate

  • Access curated resources and expert guidance to seamlessly migrate or modernize your on-premises infrastructure and data to Azure. 
  • Leverage advanced analytics and support for developing AI-infused and custom cloud-native applications. 
Windows Server on Azure

Windows Server on Azure

  • Opt for a simplified, managed experience by running your Windows Server workloads on Azure, with cloud-native support for SQL Server, .NET apps, and Remote Desktop Services. 
  • Modernize your entire Windows Server estate with over 200 Azure services and capabilities, including Azure Automanage, Hotpatch, Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Azure SQL. Extend these services to your hybrid environment with Azure Arc. 
Cloud-scale analytics

Cloud-scale analytics

  • Construct sophisticated, cloud-based analytical solutions at an enterprise scale with Azure analytics and data governance services. 
  • Meet your business intelligence, data warehouse, advanced analytics, data governance, and machine learning objectives through a combination of services offering unmatched price performance and security. 

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Customer Success

Healthcare Company Boosts Growth with KiZAN and Microsoft Partnership

A prominent healthcare organization has experienced substantial growth through a strategic collaboration with KiZAN and Microsoft. The partnership focused on implementing an enterprise governance and compliance solution for four crucial teams. Rapid expansion via acquisitions introduced complexities in Azure management, which were effectively addressed through technological advancements. The secure Azure roadmap implemented by KiZAN resulted in a remarkable $10 million annual Azure pre-commit and a significant reduction in audit time. This success story positions the healthcare industry for sustained growth in the dynamic healthcare landscape. For more insights or assistance, explore the prompt guide below. 

Enhancing eRx Team's Capabilities with KiZAN's Azure Solution

A healthcare technology team specializing in eRx faced the challenge of enhancing availability and scalability for pharmacy applications. In response, KiZAN implemented a secure Azure Kubernetes Service solution, meeting HIPAA/HiTRUST and company security requirements. This solution significantly increased scalability and high availability, effectively supporting the surge in pharmacy transactions. The successful implementation ensures operational efficiency for the eRx team while adhering to stringent security standards. For further details or assistance, refer to the prompt guide below.

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