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Consider our Infrastructure services for your business needs.

Predictable Costs

You pay a fixed monthly fee for a comprehensive package of services that covers your servers, workstations, infrastructure, data storage devices, and network applications.

Predictable Costs
Immediate ROI

You don't have to invest in hardware, software, tools or staff to keep your IT environment up and running. KiZAN provides everything you need, from 24x7 U.S.-based NOC engineers to strategic planning and executive road mapping.

Immediate ROI
Proactive Maintenance and Updates

KiZAN monitors your systems around the clock and performs regular tasks such as patching, backup, antivirus and security management. This ensures your IT environment is tuned for performance and protected from threats.

Proactive Maintenance and Updates
Rapid Response and Support

KiZAN offers remote assistance and onsite services as needed. You also get access to a 24x7 help desk with guaranteed response times and service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure high availability for your critical systems.

Response and Support
Documentation and Reporting

KiZAN provides detailed lists and tracks maintenance tasks specific to your IT environment. You also receive regular reports on utilization, security posture, compliance status and dark data risks.

Documentation and Reporting

Proactive Monitoring, Planned Maintenance, and Rapid Response

KiZAN’s Infrastructure and Server Management services deliver on performance needs through a comprehensive approach of proactive monitoring, planned maintenance, and rapid response (24/7).
KiZAN's infrastructure and server managed service is a solution that helps organizations overcome the challenges and blockers of maintaining and managing their IT environment.

Customer Success

Healthcare Company Boosts Growth with KiZAN and Microsoft Partnership

A prominent healthcare organization has experienced substantial growth through a strategic collaboration with KiZAN and Microsoft. The partnership focused on implementing an enterprise governance and compliance solution for four crucial teams. Rapid expansion via acquisitions introduced complexities in Azure management, which were effectively addressed through technological advancements. The secure Azure roadmap implemented by KiZAN resulted in a remarkable $10 million annual Azure pre-commit and a significant reduction in audit time. This success story positions the healthcare industry for sustained growth in the dynamic healthcare landscape. For more insights or assistance, explore the prompt guide below. 

Enhancing eRx Team's Capabilities with KiZAN's Azure Solution

A healthcare technology team specializing in eRx faced the challenge of enhancing availability and scalability for pharmacy applications. In response, KiZAN implemented a secure Azure Kubernetes Service solution, meeting HIPAA/HiTRUST and company security requirements. This solution significantly increased scalability and high availability, effectively supporting the surge in pharmacy transactions. The successful implementation ensures operational efficiency for the eRx team while adhering to stringent security standards. For further details or assistance, refer to the prompt guide below.

Enjoy a superior customer experience by trusting KiZAN with all your Microsoft service and support needs.