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Consider our Infrastructure services for your business needs.

Scale Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

KiZAN's infrastructure services provide scalable solutions to meet your evolving needs. Increase compute power and storage on-demand, eliminating the need for upfront investments in excess capacity.

Predictable Costs
Empower Your Workforce from Anywhere

KiZAN's infrastructure solutions allow your employees to access secure cloud resources from any device, anywhere. This flexibility fosters remote work and empowers quick responses to changing business needs.

Ensure Business Continuity with KiZAN's Infrastructure Expertise

Benefit from the experience and dedication of KiZAN's infrastructure specialists. Our team ensures high availability and business continuity for your critical operations, even in the face of unexpected disruptions.

Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

KiZAN leverages the robust security practices of leading technology providers. Your data is hosted on secure servers, giving you peace of mind and a cost-effective way to enhance your business's security posture.

Azure Identity Protection

Improve Scalability, Performance, High Availability, and Resiliency

KiZAN’s cloud architecture and adoption experts can help you build and manage your cloud resources, including leveraging Azure VMware Solution, to improve your scalability, performance, high availability, and resiliency. A robust and right-sized foundation will lead to better disaster recovery solutions, higher-performing applications, and increased flexibility.

Customer Success

Healthcare Company Boosts Growth with KiZAN and Microsoft Partnership

A prominent healthcare organization has experienced substantial growth through a strategic collaboration with KiZAN and Microsoft. The partnership focused on implementing an enterprise governance and compliance solution for four crucial teams. Rapid expansion via acquisitions introduced complexities in Azure management, which were effectively addressed through technological advancements. The secure Azure roadmap implemented by KiZAN resulted in a remarkable $10 million annual Azure pre-commit and a significant reduction in audit time. This success story positions the healthcare industry for sustained growth in the dynamic healthcare landscape. For more insights or assistance, explore the prompt guide below. 

Enhancing eRx Team's Capabilities with KiZAN's Azure Solution

A healthcare technology team specializing in eRx faced the challenge of enhancing availability and scalability for pharmacy applications. In response, KiZAN implemented a secure Azure Kubernetes Service solution, meeting HIPAA/HiTRUST and company security requirements. This solution significantly increased scalability and high availability, effectively supporting the surge in pharmacy transactions. The successful implementation ensures operational efficiency for the eRx team while adhering to stringent security standards. For further details or assistance, refer to the prompt guide below.

Enjoy a superior customer experience by trusting KiZAN with all your Microsoft service and support needs.