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Empower Your Industry with Microsoft's Manufacturing Cloud Solutions

Our extensive expertise working with fabricators, wholesale goods producers, and machine shops offers invaluable guidance to maximize your technology investments, gaining a competitive edge through optimization.

Enhance Shop Floor and Back Office Efficiency through Improved Quality Control and Integrated Processes.

Tackle your toughest digital transformation goals and enhance resilience using Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing. This robust solution blends Microsoft's reliable products with specialized industry solutions from our trusted partner network.

Foster Innovation and Unveil Novel Products
Drive value by developing sustainable products, embracing innovative design, and manufacturing approaches, and preparing for the future through the Industrial Metaverse.
Foster Innovation and Unveil Novel Products
Forge Resilient Supply Chains

Safeguard business continuity and mitigate risks by establishing a secure, adaptable, interconnected supply chain that ensures continuous visibility.

Forge Resilient Supply Chains
Empower Intelligent Factories

Streamline manufacturing processes, ensure secure and dependable production, and empower your workforce by leveraging Industrial IoT, data, and AI capabilities.

Empower Intelligent Factories
Revamp Customer Experiences

Enhance customer satisfaction, profitability, and product longevity through cutting-edge digital tools designed for service operations.

Revamp Customer Experiences
Engineers in mechanical factory reading instructions

Empowering Manufacturing through Digital Transformation

KiZAN comprehends the core needs of manufacturing entities, having collaborated extensively with diverse industrial sectors, including fabrication, assembly, and production units. Our dedication extends beyond immediate solutions; collaboratively, we engineer enduring, secure strategies for infrastructure, applications, and workflows to fortify operational efficiency and regulatory adherence.

Elevate your manufacturing prowess by aligning with KiZAN today.

Customer Success

KiZAN & Industry Leaders Complete Early, Cost-Free Dark-to-Cloud Migration, Slashing Server Footprint by 80%

KiZAN, alongside a major automotive company and Microsoft, executed a comprehensive 30-month plan for migrating from a dark on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. The project's success led to a completion four months ahead of schedule and with no cost to the customer. The migration involved over 100 servers, prompting the shutdown of three data centers. Remarkably, the leading automotive company significantly reduced its Microsoft productivity-related server count by more than 80%, marking substantial progress.

KiZAN serves as a trusted advisor in navigating M&A technology complexities.

Schneider Electric, a Fortune Global 500 leader in energy management and automation across 100+ countries, relies on KiZAN to seamlessly integrate diverse technology, environments, and systems amidst an aggressive merger and acquisition strategy encompassing over 40 acquisitions.

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