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DAX Day is a thing. We invented it. You're welcome.

Posted by Brady Crawford on Feb 9, 2021 2:38:17 PM
Brady Crawford
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DAX stands for Data Analysis Expressions.

You may ask yourself, "Why is DAX important?"



Well, as a consultant and a developer I can tell you that DAX is where Power BI’s analytical power truly comes into play. Without DAX, you would miss out on the majority of Power BI’s potential as an analytical tool.
Consider Excel. If you didn’t know the DAX functions and how to use them, spreadsheets would lose their effectiveness. The same is true for Power BI reports and understanding the important role DAX plays in creating meaningful reports.

So what is DAX Day?

DAX Day is our way of helping you have a deeper knowledge of how to leverage DAX functions within Power BI.  Once a week we'll be creating and posting helpful resources to accelerate your understanding of DAX and how you can use it. Make sure to download our DAX reference charts! They're great to have handy when building out reports, as they help you to see different categories of DAX functions as well as examples of how to use them properly.
On DAX Day(s) we'll also be providing blog posts and videos that will help you to go even further into the DAX arena.

So sit back, relax, and get started with some DAX!” Our first downloadable is this handy reference chart that lists the most useful filter functions. Enjoy.


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Posted by Brady Crawford

Business Intelligence and Analytics Junior Associate Consultant Data Platform and Analytics

Topics: Advanced Analytics Group, DAX