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KiZAN is a trusted advisor for Microsoft licensing and support.

Texas Roadhouse, Inc. is a growing restaurant company operating in the casual dining segment. The business was founded in 1993 with the opening of the first Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Clarksville, Indiana. Today, the Company operates over 580 restaurants system-wide in 49 states and 9 foreign countries, including 555 Texas Roadhouse restaurants and 25 Bubba’s 33 restaurants.

Texas Roadhouse prides itself on a rigorous vendor selection process and trusts KiZAN to work across multiple business silos because of our deep knowledge of multiple technologies. From modernizing aging applications to platform deployment, KIZAN has overcome steep technical barriers to implement secure solutions for over 50,000 employees. In addition, we have seamlessly integrated with their complex corporate identity framework for internal and external communication and have earned their respect as an expert for their specific requirements.

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