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Improve collaboration and maximize the efficiency of your most valuable asset.






Intranet for the Frontline Workforce: Discover how Microsoft Viva and the Frontline Worker capabilities provide an integrated platform built on top of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to connect Frontline Workers and build a roadmap to get there.

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Improve the usability of your intranet and increase adoption.






Modern Collaboration: Supercharge your adoption of modern best practices and tools, improve communication and collaboration, increase employee engagement, and reduce the risk of future cost overruns and delays.

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Frontline Workers have always been the backbone of the world’s economy






Modern Workplace Pilot for Frontline Workers: Transform the frontline employee experience with purpose-built, cloud-based modern work solutions.

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Search and find-ability of important documents.

Document integration with enterprise systems and data, line-of-business (LOB) processes, and purpose-focused applications.

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File sync and transfer across devices.

Management and retention of digitized content and associated metadata.

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Document integration with external systems.

Processing of digital content via customized and automated document workflows.

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Maintenance of audit logs.

Time management for document handling | Access management and security.

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“We appreciate working with KiZAN because they tell us what we don’t want to hear...they are honest brokers.”


Cyndi Deschamp

Cyndi Deschamp | IT Development Manager | LG&E


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“KiZAN has been our go-to Microsoft partner. We appreciate their responsiveness and commitment to our success.”

Tony Fleming

Tony Fleming | Senior Director Information Technology | US WorldMeds


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“Having leveraged KiZAN’s services for the past year, I can definitively say that they have provided immense value.”

Colby Giles

Colby Giles | Director of Software Development | The Amynta Group


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“When I reach out to KiZAN with a challenge, KiZAN’s approach, resources, and cost model (investment) has time and again consistently delivered value to people in our organization.”

Nathaniel Hauenstein

Nathaniel Hauenstein | Global Enterprise Infrastructure Manager | Chart Industries


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