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Video Resources


Welcome to KiZAN's Video Resource Page.

KiZAN is a Microsoft National Solutions Provider with numerous gold and silver Microsoft competencies. We strive to solve your complex business problems and achieve maximum value for your technology investment. Our how-to series is designed to help you address common issues that can save you time and resources. Check back often for additional updates.


How-To Video Series

How To Create Visualizations for Table Matrix and List-1

How-To Create Visualizations for Table, Matrix, and List

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How To Install Paginated Reports

How-To Install Paginated Reports

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How To Connect To A Local Data Source-1

How-To Connect To A Local Data Source

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Creating Dataflows in Power BI-1

How-To Create Dataflows

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Connect to Power BI Datasets

How-To Connect to Power BI Datasets

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How To Add A Custom Background In Microsoft Teams

How-To Add a custom background on Microsoft Teams

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