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Automating Information Protection with Cognni & KiZAN

Improve productivity. Reduce management costs. Empower your Frontline Workers.
Automating Information Protection with Cognni & KiZAN

Up to $19M potential benefits over 3 years

Our Frontline Worker Workshop for Microsoft Teams shows scenarios and the art of the possible that transform how you connect your workforce, digitize manual processes, accelerate onboarding, and empower your Frontline Workers with purpose-built devices while protecting your business.

Estimates based on calculations from a Forrester Total Economic ImpactTM study commissioned by Microsoft Corporation, May 2020 – Maximizing The Impact Of Firstline Workers With Microsoft 365


KiZAN has the expertise to move your organization ahead.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with 30 years experience helping organizations achieve their IT business goals, we offer unrivaled expertise and innovation in Microsoft technologies.

With our Frontline Worker Workshop for Microsoft Teams, we’ll work with you to help maximize the impact of your Frontline Workers. We’ll help you assess your Frontline Workforce needs, show you tools that can speed delivery of the outcomes you require, and develop a solution plan tailored for your organization. 

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At its core, you’ll gain access to our architect’s depth of experience and wealth of knowledge in Microsoft 365 solutions and capabilities with a focus on management, security, and compliance.

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