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Simplifying User Support

Create an actionable roadmap maximizing your organization's benefits from Microsoft 365 and accelerating your implementation!
Simplifying User Support

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Best practices melded with lessons learned, all tailored to your organizational and industry-specific needs.

Microsoft 365 deployment is a daunting task given the depth and breadth of services available within the suite. With a focus on Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management (SCIM) capabilities this effort will help you accelerate the design and deployment of your investments in the Microsoft 365 suite.

Our Benefits

Better Understanding
A better understanding of the suite’s capabilities and use cases.
Better Understanding
A mapping of your organizational needs to M365 solutions.
Best Practices
An alignment with best practices and industry standards.
Best Practices

Microsoft 365 SCIM Roadmap Deliverables:

  • Multi-day technical sessions focused on your needs and business requirements, including:
    • M365 Core Concepts
    • M365 Applications
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Device Management
    • Security
    • Compliance
  • Roadmap document (10 to 20 pages) detailing technical and adoption recommendations.
  • Direct access to our expert resources focused on educating and guiding your organization on its Microsoft 365 journey.

NOTE: Microsoft 365 licenses are not required to benefit from this roadmap, but ARE needed to implement the covered solutions.

KiZAN architects will educate and guide your organization...

KiZAN architects will educate and guide your organization to leverage M365 and help protect your users, data, and devices while ensuring your business is productive and compliant. During this effort, a custom roadmap will be generated that is tailored to your business needs and industry considerations.

At its core, you’ll gain access to our architect’s depth of experience and wealth of knowledge in Microsoft 365 solutions and capabilities with a focus on management, security, and compliance.

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions about our services, our culture, employment at KiZAN, or need support, click the button!