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The KiZAN Culture

Our Mission

KiZAN is a family of information technology Rock Stars! For over 25 years we have been providing consulting services centered on Microsoft technologies to deliver solutions that solve complex business problems.

KiZAN enables everyone to pursue what they love. That may sound like a lofty mission statement for a technology solutions company. However, everyone at KiZAN is focused on helping our customers, partners, and teammates pursue what they love in work and life. We genuinely care about YOU! YOUR success, YOUR concerns, YOUR achievements, YOUR hopes, and YOUR dreams. True love is serving others and enabling them to pursue what they love, which produces Raving Fans of all who connect with KiZAN.

Our Values

We aspire to empower everyone to be successful, to make every customer a Raving Fan, and to empower a better way. We do this by holding to our core behaviors:

  • Always doing what is right
  • Committing to excellence
  • Doing whatever it takes… in love

Yes… LOVE.

Love keeps us focused on why we do what we do, and who we are working for. We believe that you can do whatever it takes to get the job done while doing it in the spirit of love – which provides quality work with a great attitude.

KiZAN Culture

Over 25 Years


Working at KiZAN

For over 25 years, KiZAN has searched out and hired the best and brightest business and technology consultants on the planet. We love our employees and work hard to provide a culture that promotes a flexible work/life balance and meaningful work; a place where everyone feels part of a family; and a culture in which they can achieve greatness. We offer a broad range of career choices in both business and technology fields.

Check our careers page often as we are always on the search for the next KiZAN Rock Star!

What Makes Us Different

Creating Raving Fans of our customers, partners and employees is the key to making KiZAN different from other organizations. We relentlessly pursue solutions that advance businesses of all sizes, industries, and verticals, and do it with a focus on making sure our human-to-human relationships are elevated. We place much value on the success we help others achieve and take great pride in the fact that we have created thousands of Raving Fans in this world over the past decades.

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Raving Fan!