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Project Management (PMO)

A project manager is responsible for the successful planning, kickoff, oversight, control and closeout of a project.

Our Project Management Office follows and is trained in PMI standards. We are skilled at coordinating our developers, vendors, and your staff to work together as a cohesive team. Your projects will be managed with transparency and consistent communication, so you’ll never to have wonder how things are going.

From beginning to end, the project manager will be flexible, but control your project and ensure the final results meet your expectations.

Agile KiZAN Project Management

Our PMO Activities

Procure resources

Establish and confirm project start date with customer

Communicate prerequisites for project start
Create preliminary schedule and high-level project plan

Conduct internal kickoff

Conduct customer kickoff
Maintain resource schedules, change control, communication, project plan

Manage/control risk, budget, monitoring 'Estimate At Completion' (EAC) and 'Estimate To Complete' (ETC)

Conduct weekly internal, external status meetings

Escalate issues/risk as necessary, both internal and customer-facing
Assess variance(s) in project, overall budget, final numbers

Conduct internal closeout meeting, customer closeout meeting

Complete Lessons Learned document and distribute to all team members

Close KiZAN project number and send final invoice
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