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The proliferation of communications channels and devices in the workplace is driving increased alert fatigue and noise. Without the proper tools to help employees manage these communications effectively, productivity will suffer.

Whether your architecture remains on-premises, has transitioned to the cloud, or is a hybrid-solution, intelligent design and implementation will increase productivity and facilitate better team collaboration.

KiZAN can help you:

  • Understand your administrative control
  • Deploy industry-leading monitoring and reporting tools
  • Ensure governance, compliance, retention, and security
  • Execute organizational mergers and acquisitions
  • Upgrade deprecated systems
  • Setup email rules based on an individual's behavior
  • Organize inboxes with relevant and important messages
  • Simplify and enhance collaboration
  • Setup group inboxes, calendars, and conversations
  • Share and co-author in real-time
  • Access email from iOS, Android, desktop, or browser
KiZAN Email Solutions
Are you experiencing: Slow Email, Bad Connectivity, Database Failures, Lookup Failures, or Poor Server Performance?

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