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Connecting teams with great communication experiences across multiple channels no longer requires the introduction of additional complexity to your infrastructure. Organizations are moving to simplified infrastructure and unified platforms for voice calls, voicemail, conferencing, video, and sharing. KiZAN can help you leverage on-premises, hybrid, and cloud PBX deployments to meet your unique requirements.

KiZAN can help you:

  • Accomplish more across phones, tablets, desktop, and the web
  • Connect prospects, customers, employees, and partners
  • Employ practical guidance, industry-leading tools, assets, and best practices
  • Move beyond voice to add HD video, desktop sharing, co-authoring, and presentations
  • Hold video conferences with up to 250 participants
  • Stay up to date with evolving voice and collaboration trends
  • Mentor your IT staff on new technologies
  • Perform monthly health checks
KiZAN Voice Solutions
Case Study

“We chose KiZAN because of their experience with Skype for Business implementations. Their knowledge and experience have gone a long way to making the Skype for Business rollout a success.”

– Shawn Grimes

Is Cisco Double the Cost of Skype for Business? Even with steep discounts, Skype provides more value.

See the details in our value comparison.