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KiZAN maximizes Microsoft funding to accelerate cloud adoption for industry leader

SGS is a global leader in integrated packaging and marketing production for some of the largest consumer brands, retailers, pharmaceutical companies, and printing/converting industries in North America, Europe, and Latin America. As a centralized graphic services company, SGS maintains the latest equipment and workflow technologies available.


Southern Graphics Systems is experiencing rapid geo expansion and is beginning phase one of an initiative to deploy Windows Virtual Desktops for their workers across the globe. Additionally, the effects of COVID-19 are accelerating the need for a flexible workforce and BYOD. SGS is seeking to provide the best user experience, enhanced security, and simplified management solutions as they transition to the cloud.


KiZAN will assist with the implementation of WVD and initial workload build-out to address end-user use cases.
KiZAN is utilizing funding available through the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop offer to completely fund the initial phase of a large deployment.


KiZAN is performing white-boarding sessions to review best practices and to document current use cases and goals. Additionally, KiZAN will conduct planning sessions to identify the architecture, hardware, software, and network solutions required to support access from multiple regions across the globe.

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ACR Impact: 

  The implemented WVD solution will be able to scale rapidly and will have a dramatic impact on the organization's consumption of Azure. The initiative is tracking toward a target monthly ACR of $225,000!


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