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KiZAN Migrates AWS Application to Azure 

With 1,400 employees headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida and 10 offices worldwide, Integra Connect offers integrated, cloud-based technology and solutions for value-based specialty healthcare. Connecting EHR, revenue cycle management, care coordination, and medication therapy management, Integra Connect enables specialty healthcare practices to provide financially sustainable, quality care.

Integra had developed an application that was designed to function in an on-prem environment and did not perform well in the AWS cloud. Due to the higher than expected operating costs of running their application in AWS, Integra wanted to shift the application workload into Azure with a minimum of refactoring and fast turnaround time.

KiZAN engaged to provide architecture planning (including the adoption of separate environments for Dev, Test, QA, and Production workloads of the application) and identified application issues that needed to be enhanced ahead of the pilot.

The initial phase of the project consisted of the delivery of Azure Scaffolding, based on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, and preparation of a landing zone for the AWS Servers to be migrated. The migration included ~85 servers, composing the three conventional application tiers (data, backend, and user-interface).

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Migrated on-prem and AWS applications to Azure

Initial application refactoring minimized to move quickly

Adopted separate environments for Dev, Test, QA, and Production

  Increased application scalability

  Provided secure Azure environment


Subsequent projects with Integra have enabled them to adopt separate operating environments for Dev, Test, QA, and Production. Application refactoring of the presentation and database layers allowed Integra to migrate components to SaaS/PaaS services in Azure from virtual machines, resulting in an increased ROI and lower total cost, with the ability to scale on-demand.

Due to the successful application migration, Integra fully adopted Azure for their Development and Test environments and can scale for additional tenants as their customer base grows.

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