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Azure landing zone provides peace of mind that deployment of Azure services would be in a secure environment

HealthNow New York, Inc.’s Cybersecurity and Business Alignment teams desired an improvement to multiple workstreams and intended to improve technology services developed for the enterprise.

The organization did not have the depth of expertise for automatically and securely deploying services in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud; nor did HealthNow have clear governance or ownership of the Power Apps and Power Automate platforms in use within the organization. Additionally, Data & Analytics teams needed guidance in discovering the best tools to fit their needs.

KiZAN assisted in the design and architecture of solutions by deploying an Enterprise-scale Landing Zone. The Landing Zone provided the ability to build environments in a reusable way to satisfy the needs of various departments across HealthNow’s organization.


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Provided the ability to see azure services in action and vet them in real-time to properly identify which services fit their use-cases

Provided a secure environment in which to deploy future services

Established an enterprise governance framework

Created processes and strategies for various teams to work in Azure


Additionally, KiZAN conducted knowledge transfer demo sessions for governance, security, networking, Power Platform, and various Azure data services such as Azure Machine Learning and Azure Databricks. HealthNow teams were able to ask questions for their respective roles and gain an understanding of not only what daily operations would look like in an Azure cloud environment, but also how to best incorporate with existing business processes.  

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