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KiZAN Guides Ford Digital Transformation to the Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft had been working with Ford to conduct a Digital Transformation to the Microsoft Cloud platform for several years but had been unable to get necessary Ford business and IT stakeholders to complete the transformation effort. The Microsoft Account Team for Ford contacted KIZAN at Digital Transformation Academy in 2018 regarding the need for a partner to work alongside the account team in the planning effort for a deployment of Microsoft 365 across the organization.

The deployment includes migrations for Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Office Pro Plus, Yammer and Intune for nearly 200,000 users. All users were actively using on-premises platforms which required large teams to manage and maintain.  Additionally, pending data center shutdowns required significant effort to establish servers in new environments.



  The 10-month sales strategy resulted in FY19 revenue of $53M and $286M over 5-year term.

  $33.4M per year of net new MW cloud revenue

  Future consumption for 236K M365 users (E3 and F1)

Deployment includes migrations for:


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“The Microsoft Account Team utilized several MS teams to help achieve this historic win (i.e., STU, CE, BD, MTC, FTC, CELA, and DWR), but one of the most impactful and significant was the partner channel and specifically KiZAN.”

“The team engaged KiZAN in September 2018 with an ask to create a planning, design, migration, and deployment project plan complete with cost, timing, and assumptions. KiZAN exceeded our expectations and was able to deliver within an amazing two weeks. That plan was presented to the customer and enabled the confidence, trust, and overall acceptance from the customer that they would be able to migrate their massive Exchange and SharePoint environments and would be able to deploy the various M365 solutions within a tight time window. The KiZAN team continued to surprise and delight the MS Account Team and the customer by flawlessly executing the planning and design portion of the project within the allotted two-month time period. In addition, the KiZAN team was able to work in parallel with the customer’s challenging contracts and purchasing team to agree to the various customer demands, contract obligations, and purchasing requests.”


Brian Belloli

Global Business Manager

Microsoft Corporation


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