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KiZAN builds Power BI reports that eliminate inefficient processes associated with SAP data extracts.


Documentation was supplied detailing the process of extracting data from SAP (e.g., removing columns, renaming columns, performing vlookups, and merging data). Additionally, KiZAN conducted interviews with business users to develop use-cases. These processes were then translated into Power Query transformation steps.

Reports needed to be visually similar and behave in the same manner as existing reports, including layout, color-schema, drill-through, and tooltips. A different report also needed multiple filters and the ability to expand and collapse to discover details in highest to lowest granularity.

One report also needed to match a custom layout for both desktop and mobile devices.



KiZAN developed Power Query transformations to extract data from Excel files and automate manual Excel processes from multiple files. KiZAN also developed a report to aggregate the data. Additionally, KiZAN created a data gateway to ingest Excel files from an on-premise network share on a scheduled refresh. The report was then published to the Power BI service.

KiZAN developed Power BI reports using Desktop to query, transform, and model data for three specific use cases. These reports matched specific color schemas and custom layouts which included icons and values in grid format.

A mobile version was also developed in grid format and was tested on the Power BI Mobile App on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

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The end-result eliminated the labor-intensive monthly process of cleansing and transforming the SAP extracts into a single report.

These POCs proved that Power BI is capable of reproducing and extending further than expected, allowing Clorox to retire their current systems.

Selecting Power BI reduced the cost required to support and maintain the three existing systems.

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