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Change Healthcare – Decision Analytics Migration to Azure

Change Healthcare is based out of Nashville, Tennessee, and employs over 15,000 team members. Change provides comprehensive software and services for healthcare payers and providers. Through collaborations with payers and providers, Change Healthcare applies innovative data and analytics solutions and services to help improve clinical decision-making, simplify billing, collection, and payment processes, and enable a better patient experience.

Two of Change Healthcare’s Decision Analytics platform applications were hosted in a data center that was sold as part of a divestiture. In accordance with their cloud-first initiatives, Change decided to migrate the applications’ 60 virtual machines to Azure. As part of the migration, the applications would be upgrading and standardizing on Windows Server 2016 and all SQL instances would be migrated to SQL Server 2016.

Planning, architecture, and design sessions (and the use of the SQL Server Migration Assistant) determined there were relatively few SQL instances that could be moved to Azure PaaS or SQL Managed instances. Therefore, it was decided the remainder of the SQL instances would remain running in VM’s, as the project timeline did not allow for refactoring of the applications or data.

The project was segmented in five phases:

Phase 1: Planning, Architecture, and Design

Phase 2: Change Management Requests and Landing Zone Provisioning

Phase 3: Environment Build Out

Phase 4: Data Migration and Go-Live Preparation

Phase 5: Go-Live and Post-Implementation Support



  Migrated the on-prem applications to Azure

  Updated to modern OS’s

  Lowered the management overhead with PaaS and other Azure services

  Fully automated using Terraform deploy to the environments via a CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps

  Significantly lowered the customer's TCO for the application.

The project was carried out using a customized version of Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) that KiZAN developed for Change Healthcare as part of their cloud-first initiatives. Change made use of Azure services (such as Azure Automation Update Management), wherever possible to reduce management burden and lower operational costs. Deployment of the project was driven via CI/CD pipelines, providing consistency with Change’s cloud governance and security standards.

KiZAN guided Change’s employees as the project manager and Azure subject matter expert. As part of KiZAN’s Raving Fan service, KiZAN provided continuous knowledge transfer during the project to enable Change’s team to continue migrating other applications and adopting Azure independently.

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