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Creating a stronger, more collaborative healthcare system with Azure

Rapid growth via acquisition had introduced organizations which had a complex presence in Azure. CHC was not equipped to manage and monitor these environments. The new environments also did not fall in line with the compliance requirements and capabilities of the organization. To prevent the same type of sprawl and management challenges experienced in AWS, Change Healthcare needed to establish an enterprise governance framework and strategy for working in Azure.

KiZAN and Microsoft partnered with CHC to implement an enterprise governance and compliance solution to help 4 teams:

1. DevOps: KiZAN implemented an infrastructure-as-code
scaffolding process to automatically provision Azure
environments with pre-configured networking
architectures, tag management capabilities, security
policies, a gold machine image solution, and compliance
monitoring with Security Center, Log Analytics, and Update

2. InfoSec: KiZAN deployed Security Center to Azure subscriptions,
enabling visibility into the security and compliance practices of
Azure IaaS and PaaS solutions.

3. AppDev: Developers can now start benefiting from Azure faster
by “actually building solutions” instead of “duplicating efforts” to
build compliance frameworks which satisfy InfoSec policies.

4. Enterprise Logging: The gold VM image solution was leveraged
to ensure the proper logging agents were pre-installed and
configured on all VMs.

By implementing a secure Azure roadmap, KiZAN allowed this independent healthcare IT company to create a stronger, more collaborative healthcare system.

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“I have been very pleased and impressed with how quickly and organically their team integrated themselves into our process, and they have felt more like colleagues than vendors from day one. I would enthusiastically recommend KiZAN to any organization that needed deep Azure expertise to support their strategy.”

Hakim Kamel

Hakim Kamel

Manager, Cloud Engineering

Change Healthcare



  Implemented a secure Azure roadmap

  Decreased time spent on audits

  Enabled business unit growth

  Removing roadblocks for cloud adoption

  Establish an enterprise governance framework

  Created strategy for working in Azure

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