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Processing on-premises and streaming data in real-time

Asurion, a leading provider of device insurance, warranty & support services for cell phones, consumer electronics & home appliances, needed a cloud-hosted text-to-speech and natural language processing solution. The solution was needed to assist in voice analysis, speech recognition, and sentiment analysis of call center recordings. With a collection of ~23 million hours of recordings, Asurion needed a comprehensive system to process both existing on-premises and real-time streaming data.

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  ~23 million hours of recordings

  Needed to process on-premises and streaming data in real-time

  Needed to accurately detect voice sentiment


  Incorporates Microsoft's cloud offerings

  Built on top of Cognitive Services natural language processing (NLP) API's

  Provides a comprehensive NLP and text analytics platform


  Replaced existing on-premises NLP system

  Meets security and business requirements

  Demonstrated Microsoft's capabilities were a better fit than competitor's cloud offerings

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