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Justin Kobel

Justin Kobel
Justin Kobel is the Practice Lead over the SharePoint practice at KiZAN Technologies and has been with KiZAN since 2005. Justin has experience as a developer, engineer and architect on all technologies surrounding SharePoint.
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What Is Automation and How BPA Helps Your Business

Posted by Justin Kobel on Jan 20, 2020 4:55:12 PM


The inefficient, manual, repetitive task is ingrained into the day-to-day operations of most businesses.  It manifests itself in a variety of ways. 

Common Scenarios: 

  • The cutting and pasting of data from one report into a spreadsheet in order to produce "the real" report

  • The upkeep and use of an obsolete system or software “because it contains valuable information”

  • The laborious reconciliation of timesheets, billings, expenses or “non-accounting” data

  • Unsecured paper/document-based messaging or communication workflows

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Topics: Automation, Business Process, Business Productivity

Understanding the Power of Power Apps

Posted by Justin Kobel on Jan 20, 2020 4:50:20 PM

Lately, Microsoft has been making a lot of hay about the Power Platform, which consists of Power Apps, Power Automate, and PowerBI.  Understanding the purpose of Power Apps and the possibilities of code-free development will help you determine if your project is a candidate for Power Apps.

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Topics: Automation, Business Process, Business Productivity, PowerApps

I Hate SharePoint

Posted by Justin Kobel on Jun 8, 2018 12:01:06 PM

When I told people I was writing a blog about SharePoint, I got a lot of interesting responses. As the title of this document might suggest, most responses were firmly in the negative. Here are some examples:

  • “Better you than me.”
  • “SharePoint? Is it still 2004???”
  • “SharePoint sucks – Dropbox is so much better!”

You get the idea.

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Topics: SharePoint, Business Productivity

5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Intranet

Posted by Justin Kobel on Jun 8, 2018 11:48:08 AM
As an administrator, you want your users to use only the tools you give them.

While this sounds heavy-handed, this policy can be the only thing standing between you and an expensive data breach. One way to enforce this policy is through the use of a modern intranet.

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Topics: SharePoint, Business Productivity, Digital Transformation

Don't Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 - Not Until You Read This First

Posted by Justin Kobel on Jul 28, 2016 4:00:00 PM

As most of the SharePoint world may have heard by now; SharePoint 2016 is available as of May 4th, 2016 for purchase commercially; via MSDN; and through software assurance and volume licensing agreements you may have established with Microsoft. As tends to be the cycle over the past decade, this means many of us will be scrambling to understand what SharePoint 2016 offers; and to begin the upgrade "pitch" to your stakeholders to upgrade from your current version of SharePoint to the latest/greatest iteration of the platform.

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Topics: SharePoint

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