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KiZAN’s Advanced Analytics Group Provides Free Technical Workshop

Posted by Brad Watson on Mar 20, 2019 1:09:51 PM
Brad Watson
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Opportunity for Local Manufacturers to Address Labor Skills Gap

Detroit, MI: KiZAN Technologies, a Microsoft National Solutions Integrator, is conducting a free technical training session for local manufacturers.  The session will provide hands-on guidance to create insight and analytics dashboards. These real-time dashboards will analyze data which can help make critical business decisions impacting areas such as productivity, safety, and compliance.


Power BI Dashboard in a Day

What it is:

Power BI Dashboard in a Day is a comprehensive training session to help technical teams understand and explore business data analysis and collaboration. Dashboard in a Day is an introductory-to-intermediate course designed to accelerate learning with practical, hands-on training.


"KiZAN is pleased to partner with Microsoft to present this 1-day workshop. Our goal is to help manufacturers understand that to compete in today’s global marketplace, they need to analyze their data in a rich and compelling way and generate actionable insights."

Roger Kobel
KiZAN Technologies, LLC



Industries today face a shortage of skilled laborers.

Global Competition- Manufacturers themselves predict that by 2020, 47% of all their products will be “smart.”  One estimate suggests that if manufacturers accelerate their efforts to develop smart, connected products, the industry could add up to $685 billion in value by 2020.

Additionally, many manufacturing tasks have become automated and machine sensors have become commonplace. Although organizations may have smart machines already on their shop floor, many of them do not have the systems or personnel in place to extract and analyze the data being recorded by these smart sensors. Manufacturers now need employees with a high-tech skill set to realize the benefits of digital transformation in the modern workplace.


When and Where: 

Dashboard in a Day
April 17th, 2019
Microsoft Technology Center
1 Campus Martius, 5th Floor, Suite 500
Detroit, Michigan 48226



How to register: 

Registration is free, but seating is extremely limited. 

Online Registration Link



About KiZAN:

KiZAN Technologies is a Microsoft National Solutions Integrator and Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider operating across the United States to develop modern workplace solutions that drive digital transformation.

Topics: Power BI, Big Data, Machine Learning

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Cincinnati, OH

9035 Meridian Way



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