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KiZAN announces partnership with Hyperfish to drive BPA

Posted by Brad Watson on Mar 5, 2020 4:08:31 PM
Brad Watson
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KiZAN Technologies, the 2019 Microsoft US Partner of the year for the automotive industry, has begun a technology partnership with Hyperfish to deliver process automation benefits to customers. Acquired by LiveTiles in 2018, Hyperfish offers a leading solution in profile management that incorporates the latest innovations in AI and Bot technology.

As organizations increase investment in business process automation (BPA), there is also an increased focus on workflow management and monitoring to ensure workflows are achieving operational efficiencies. Organizations of all sizes struggle to achieve the full value of their BPA investment due to missing and inaccurate employee profiles.

The partnership with Hyperfish is a natural fit for KiZAN Technologies, as both organizations focus on Office 365 and help companies get the most out of their Microsoft investment.

About Hyperfish

Hyperfish ensures directory and profile information is always complete and up to date. Based in Kirkland, Washington, Hyperfish has established itself as a must-have add-on for Microsoft Office 365 implementations. Using Hyperfish, organizations improve service delivery, increase employee engagement, and unlock new capabilities in Microsoft Office 365.

Visit www.hyperfish.com to learn more.

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