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Azure Roundup 6-7-22

Posted by Eric Rhoads on Jun 7, 2022 11:48:53 AM
Eric Rhoads
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Microsoft releases frequent updates, features, and services to Azure. This is a roundup of the May releases KiZAN found most interesting. 


New Feature

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Virtual Network: Resource Health for virtual network NAT

Azure Kubernetes Service: Draft 2 for assisting in transitioning non-container apps to AKS


Preview Feature

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App Services: Azure pipelines to preview environment

DNS: Azure DNS private resolver service

Azure Kubernetes Service: Now supports KMS plugin integration to enable encryption at rest of “etcd” using Azure Key Vault

Azure Kubernetes Service: Introduction of replica mounts on Azure Disk persistent volumes to ensure rapid availability of volumes when pods failover between cluster nodes for stateful apps

Web Application Firewall: Azure Firewall Manager now supports WAF policies for Azure Front Door and Application Gateway

Monitor: Machine learning models to guide on root cause of issue being investigated by recommending which node to node edges need further investigation

Generally Available

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Key Vault: Zero-touch key rotation for customer-managed keys stored in Azure Key Vault

Container Apps: Managed serverless container service

Posted by Eric Rhoads

Eric Rhoads is the Practice Lead over KiZAN’s Cloud Infrastructure and Applications team, and has 10+ years of experience as an IT consultant with a focus on driving cloud native and DevOps solutions. He has worked as an architect to allow our clients to design modern solutions in both the public and private cloud. Eric combines a deep understanding of Azure and Infrastructure as Code with his ITIL Service Operations certification and training to deliver good business processes and technical solutions. He has led several engagements with more than 12 subordinate consultants, showing that he can use his knowledge to scale and enable teams to work at a higher level.

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