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Microsoft Announces Large Disk Sizes of up to 4 TB for Azure IaaS VMs

Posted by Brad Watson on Jun 23, 2017 8:52:38 AM
Brad Watson
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Increased disk sizes for Azure Premium and Standard Storage

Azure increases the maximum size and performance of Azure Disks

Microsoft has announced an increase of maximum disk sizes for both Premium and Standard storage. The maximum size of the disks will extend from 1,024 GB to 4,095 GB and customers will be able to add 4x more disk storage capacity per VM. 

Customers can now provision up to a total of 256 TB disks storage on a GS5 VM using 64 disks with 4 TB capacity. As a result, customers no longer need to scale up to multiple VMs or stripe multiple disks to provision larger disk capacity.

Two new disk sizes in P40 (2TB) and P50 (4TB) for both Managed and unmanaged Premium Disks have also been introduced: S40 (2TB) and S50 (4TB) for Standard Managed Disks. Customers can also provision the maximum disk size of 4,095 GB for Standard unmanaged disks.

Larger Premium Disks P40 and P50 will support IO intensive workloads and offer higher provisioned disk performance. The maximum Premium Disk IOPS and bandwidth is increased to 7,500 IOPS and 250 MBps respectively. Standard Disks, of all sizes, will offer up to 500 IOPS and 60 MBps.

Customers can create a larger disk or resize existing disks to larger disk sizes with their existing Azure tools through Azure Resource Manager (ARM). 

Full Details Available Here.



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