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KiZAN's Branstein Bros Make Mobile App Development Easier

Posted by Brad Watson on Feb 23, 2017 10:13:30 AM
Brad Watson
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KiZAN's own Mike and Nick Branstein are brothers, well-regarded .NET developer consultants, and are passionate in their evangelism of NativeScript.

  "NativeScript is an open-source framework for building truly cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and
Android that was created and is maintained by Telerik."


Mike Branstein and Nick Branstein NativeScript in Action BookFrequent contributors to the Telerik community, The Brosteins have recently published their first book "NativeScript in Action," available now via Manning Publications.  

NativeScript in Action is invaluable for mobile application developers who are familiar with JavaScript and CSS who need to create high performing iOS and Android mobile apps.

Always engaging, NativeScript in Action provides best practice instruction for mobile app development along with valuable NativeScript tips and tricks that will make mobile app developers instantly more productive. 


Interested in learning more about developing mobile apps with NativeScript? 
Check out Mike's latest NativeScript blog post:

"Working with Data in NativeScript"
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