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KiZAN Technologies announces executive leadership transition.

Robert Steele takes the helm as President / CEO. Louisville, KY/Cincinnati, OH: KiZAN Technologies, a Microsoft ...

Brad Watson
Posted by Brad Watson
KiZAN Technologies announces executive leadership transition.

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Robert Steele takes the helm
as President / CEO.

Louisville, KY/Cincinnati, OH: KiZAN Technologies, a Microsoft National Solutions Provider, today officially announces the resignation of Roger Kobel. Roger has provided a steady hand of leadership and embodied the soul of KiZAN technologies for 26 years. His dedication to providing “raving fan” customer service and allowing each employee to “pursue what they love” continue to reverberate as KiZAN’s core values. KiZAN thanks both Roger and Joy Kobel for the indelible contributions they have made to our KiZAN families and community.


Effective immediately, Robert Steele has been named CEO. Robert has been with KiZAN since 1997 and has been a fixture of KiZAN’s executive leadership team for over 17 years. He has served as President since December of 2019.


When Roger announced several years ago his intention to step away from the day to day management of KiZAN, we set to work developing a succession plan that would ensure continuity and maintain KiZAN’s position as the leading provider of Microsoft services. We’ve worked diligently during this time, and although no-one can be expected to fill Roger’s huge shoes, the solid foundation Roger built during the last 20 years has firmly established us for future success.

I thank Roger for his countless contributions and am excited for the next phase of KiZAN’s growth. All our practice areas are expanding rapidly as we guide customers on their migration to the cloud. From our Azure Infrastructure Team to our Advanced Analytics Group, to our established expertise in Modern Workplace and Digital Transformation, KiZAN’s best days lie ahead of us. It is an exciting time to be at KiZAN Technologies and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Robert CircleAsset 10@150xRobert Steele

President/CEO KiZAN Technologies


I had the privilege of working with many, many talented people throughout the years who have made KiZAN what it is today. I know that KiZAN will become even a greater and more successful company under the leadership of my outstanding partners.

I am intentionally not using the word retirement. Lord willing, I hope to have another 30+ years left in my life that I plan to continue to invest in “enabling everyone to pursue what they love” and serving others.

Roger CircleAsset 9@150xRoger Kobel

Former Owner/Retired CEO



Executive Team: Over the last two decades, the stability, experience, and diversity of KiZAN’s executive leadership team have been unrivaled in the technology industry.

About KiZAN: Founded in 1991, KiZAN is a Microsoft National Solutions Provider with numerous gold and silver certifications. We were named Microsoft’s very first global partner of the year and we were recognized as Microsoft’s 2019 US Partner of the Year for the automotive industry.

Our primary offices are located in Louisville, KY, and Cincinnati, OH, with additional sales offices located in Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. In addition, we are the top Microsoft partner for several channel partners providing Microsoft services across the globe.