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Unlock Value with FinOps

FinOps is a framework that optimizes your Azure costs and accelerates value. KiZAN can help you manage your cloud spending and focus on what matters most to your business.



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KiZAN’s strategic lifecycle services for financial services address the foundational needs of your organization.



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KiZAN can provide expert guidance on cost-optimal workload architecture and design.



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Cost Modeling | Cost Monitoring | Data Management | Optimal Runtime Methods | Provisioning | Trade-offs



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Datacenter Modernization

Save money and bring your workloads to the cloud with our certified best practices. Possible ROI of 435%






Financial Services


Our unparalleled experience with Depository Institutions, Accounting Providers, and Retirements Systems provides direction to leverage and optimize your technology investments and provide a competitive advantage.






•  Differentiated Customer Experience / Digital Transformation

•  Data Analytics and Insights

•  Secure Document Sharing and Collaboration

•  Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning

•  Cloud Security

•  Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

•  Intelligent Process Automation

•  Blockchain

•  Regulatory Compliance

•  Cost Containment


KiZAN can help you build a business case to achieve your cloud transformation goals.

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Reduce on-premises asset acquisition


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Clean-up, right-sizing, and optimize


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Explore cloud-native billing models


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Remove barriers between FinOps and DevOps teams


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Continuously optimize costs


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Tag resources and categorize spending