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You may not be selling the right thing to the right customers.

Posted by Brad Watson on Sep 21, 2017 1:23:56 PM

Business is tough. Your competition is actively trying to bury you, customers are slow to pay you, and the government will abscond with a pile of your cash if you have the audacity to show a profit.  At times it can seem as if the deck is stacked against you.  If those factors weren’t bad enough, here’s another nugget of inspiration for you,

“You’re probably digging the hole, jumping in, and burying yourself.”

The good news is when you stop digging, your competition will become less relevant, and your customers will fuel your growth instead of consuming your cash flow.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales vs. Salesforce vs. Oracle

Posted by Brad Watson on Aug 28, 2017 7:36:11 AM

What is Sales Force Automation?

Organizations use sales force automation (SFA) to automate sales activities, processes and administrative responsibilities for their sales professionals, and SFA applications are a core technology of leading sales teams.  

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