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Advancing Women in Technology

Taylor Deboodt: Business Development Associate

I was fresh out of college and extremely overwhelmed by the amount of opportunity that exists for a young female graduate. The company you choose to start your career with can set the tone for success throughout your entire life. I wanted to find a place that not only provided me with experience and guidance to grow professionally but also more importantly, personally.

I graduated at the peak of a national pandemic, so when I researched KiZAN, the amazing tenure of those who have already paved the way in the growing technology industry stood out to me first. I have a mind for innovation and wanted to become a part of an increasingly advancing industry. When I was hired, I was overcome with excitement for everything I will be able to gain from the company, the industry, and my colleagues. In the few short months I have been a part of this family I have already learned so much about myself and my career. At KiZAN you win as a team, learn as a team, and grow as a team. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me as I continue to learn and grow within this amazing company and I look forward to meeting even more brilliant minds.

Tenure at KiZAN: < 1 Year


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