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Advancing Women in Technology

Raechel Moermond: Senior Office 365 Consultant

I got my start in IT because a Navy recruiter remembered that (at one point) I said I liked computers. 😊

I spent 3 years on an Aircraft Carrier running the Unclassified Network and assisting with the Secret Network. When I left the Navy, nothing I knew transferred to the civilian job force. So, I started over and went to school full-time (while working full-time) to get a degree in IT. Although very little of what I learned in school is relevant to my current position, I learned what is most important is how to teach myself.

Now, 17 years after getting my start in IT, I'm raising my daughter and working in a position I love. I've been able to focus on the specific things I'm interested in while expanding my knowledge in related areas to become a much more well-rounded consultant than when I started. The most important thing I've learned is to never quit!

Tenure at KiZAN: 4 Years