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Advancing Women in Technology

Jenn Browning: Senior Consultant

Jenn Came to KiZAN as an intern from the University of Louisville with a focus on working as a developer in the IT industry. Jenn’s drive and accomplishments during her internship were too good to pass up, which led to her being hired after she graduated in 2009. Microsoft had just introduced SharePoint, and as a dedicated learner, Jenn was eager to tackle the new product and how a variety of industries could use it. “Although my initial focus was in development, KiZAN has helped me expand my skill set into the administration and architecture side of SharePoint.” As one of KiZAN’s core members of the SharePoint team, Jenn has helped develop solutions across various industries including education, defense, state government, and private investment.

When planning for her career, Jenn focused on software development and how it could be applied to solve business challenges. The University of Louisville’s internship program has helped KiZAN identify and work with several promising female candidates. “I’m actually a second-generation woman in IT, having followed my mother who started her career over twenty years ago. There is less of a stigma for women working in technology today because of other female trailblazers, like my mother, showing determination to succeed in a field where they’ve not historically been welcome. I hope to be a real-life example to other women interested in pursuing a career in technology so that they can see they can thrive and be successful in this field.”

Tenure at KiZAN: 11 Years


Jenn Browning