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Advancing Women in Technology

Jackie Roberts: CFO

Jackie Roberts was KiZAN's 31st hire. While not from an IT background, Jackie showed the business savvy and financial expertise KiZAN needed. Jackie began her career as KiZAN’s first controller. According to Jackie, “I was drawn to the excitement of a young, growing technology company that also had the casual, family-like atmosphere that I loved."  Jackie stayed with and guided KiZAN through an acquisition by Panurgy Corporation, and after a few years, also helped relaunch KiZAN when the new owners purchased the assets to relaunch the KiZAN brand once again. Based on her skill and loyalty to the company, Jackie was then named part owner and CFO of KiZAN.

Asked about her impact on being a woman in the IT business, Jackie says, “I would hope that I am an example of someone that can have a wonderful career in IT, even though I do not have the technical experience.” Having spent the last twenty-four years in the IT industry, I have seen many wonderful opportunities created for young women.  In fact, “I have enjoyed seeing young women join our team and grow in our company and in the industry.  Some of them have even left our company to start their own IT companies or move on to Microsoft. IT is an exciting, ever-changing industry that has opportunities for almost anyone that wants to take a chance.”

Tenure at KiZAN: 24 Years