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Roger Kobel

Member Since: 1994

Role: CEO

I enjoy helping others pursue what they love and to be wildly successful!  I love helping customers obtain new insights into their businesses that allow them to grow their company.  I love providing the opportunity and the environment for team members to achieve their career goals.


Robert Steele

Member Since: 1997

Role: VP of Consulting Services

As the VP of Consulting Services, I get to be in front of our clients or working with the consultants.  I love teaching and helping to guide the consultants and I love understanding what the client needs and making sure we deliver that.  Our goal is always a partnership with our clients and we are able to do that in most cases.  I started as a senior consultant and now get to guide this team to grow and empower our consultants and our clients.

Jackie Roberts CFO

Jackie Roberts

Member Since: 1996

Role: CFO

As Chief Financial Officer I manage the financial, legal and operational aspects of the company.  Over the last 20 years, I have witnessed all the challenges a growing company faces and been part of creating solutions to help us overcome them.  It has been exciting seeing us grow into a multi-million dollar company with an incredible team of people.


Mike Spence

Member Since: 2009

Role: VP of Relationship Services

As the VP of Relationship Services I get the pleasure of working in the areas of Marketing, Human Resources and Partner Relationships.  I love meeting new people and figuring out how I might help them reach their goals or solve problems.  Since joining KiZAN I have been involved in very unique culture changes for our employees, launched many fun and effective marketing campaigns and helped build a strong and trusted partner network.


Nathan Fornwalt

Member Since: 2011

Role: VP of Intellectual Property

One of the things I have always enjoyed most is connecting with new people in various industries, learning about their business, their goals, and their unique challenges and together envisioning and realizing a customized solution that exceeds expectations. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to work in a startup context to develop and deliver successful products that meet the needs of a broader set of customers.  As the VP of Intellectual Property at KiZAN, I am able to pursue what I love with a focus on developing and packaging technology products that drive value in both of those contexts.

Michelle Carson

Michelle Carson

Member Since: 2015

Role: VP of Project Services

I love solving problems! As VP Project Services, I am able to create teams and processes to enable our customers to solve problems and achieve opportunities.  Continuous improvement is the key to success and I work with our KiZAN team to enhance our internal processes to better serve our customers.

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