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Roger Kobel

Member Since: 1994

Role: CEO

I enjoy helping others pursue what they love and to be wildly successful!  I love helping customers obtain new insights into their businesses that allow them to grow their company.  I love providing the opportunity and the environment for team members to achieve their career goals.




Shelli Calhoun

Shelli Calhoun

Member Since: 1995

Role: VP of Sales

I’m a passionate sales leader recognized as a problem solver who builds great and lasting relationships with clients and co-workers.  I have been able to develop my career by first learning about my clients to determine how KiZAN's services can benefit them, and then helping assemble the right technical team to deliver the solution. 

Jackie Roberts CFO

Jackie Roberts

Member Since: 1996

Role: CFO

As Chief Financial Officer I manage the financial, legal and operational aspects of the company.  Over the last 20 years, I have witnessed all the challenges a growing company faces and been part of creating solutions to help us overcome them.  It has been exciting seeing us grow into a multi-million dollar company with an incredible team of people.


Robert Steele

Member Since: 1997

Role: Sr. VP Sales & Marketing

As the Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing, I get to understand the needs of our clients from the front lines.  I love understanding what the client needs and making sure we deliver that.  Our goal is always a partnership with our clients.  I started as a senior consultant, so I know how to communicate client expectations from a developer perspective to ensure that we meet your unique requirements.


Nathan Fornwalt

Member Since: 2011

Role: Sr. VP Operations and IP

One of the things I have always enjoyed most is connecting with new people in various industries, learning about their business, their goals, and their unique challenges and together envisioning and realizing a customized solution that exceeds expectations. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to work in a startup context to develop and deliver successful products that meet the needs of a broader set of customers.  As the Sr. VP of Operations and IP at KiZAN, I am able to pursue what I love with a focus on developing and packaging technology products that drive value in both of those contexts.

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