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Microsoft Technology Specialists

Zoeller Company is one of North America’s oldest family-owned manufacturers of submersible pumps, systems, and controls for moving and treating water. Through continuous research and development, Zoeller is consistently improving products and processes and has established itself as a dependable leader in the wastewater industry.

From on-prem exchange migrations, active directory, and security guidance to Power BI adoption services, KiZAN has become a valued partner for implementing Microsoft technologies. KiZAN is respected for the depth and breadth of our technical expertise across multiple platforms and our ability to leverage Zoeller’s investments to achieve optimal results. Whether it be through licensing consultation, integration, or cost optimization, we deliver value-based outcomes.

Throughout the past decade, KIZAN has provided honest assessments of how Microsoft technologies could positively (or negatively) impact Zoeller’s operations and has always put the needs of the client first!

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