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Rapid deployment of COVID vaccine registration website

When vaccines became available and needed to be rapidly administered to help turn the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic, University Hospitals approached KiZAN to help assist with creating a server environment for online vaccine registrations. KiZAN engaged to help create an auto-scaling, public-facing environment to host UH's vaccine registration website. KiZAN committed to having the environment setup and available within one week!

With time constraints in mind, KiZAN consulted with University Hospitals on different deployment options. Ultimately, University Hospitals decided to host their website in Azure because of its rapid scalability, elasticity, and resiliency. KiZAN then worked with University Hospital’s staff to align the technical requirements with internal policies and procedures..

Using Azure PaaS-based services, KiZAN architected the solution and developed deployment templates for deploying and configuring the Azure services. KiZAN then worked collaboratively with University Hospitals to secure and make the website available.

Rapid innovation, enabled by Azure, provided University Hospitals with a secured, scalable public-facing hosting environment leveraging cloud-native services to support COVID-19 vaccinations to all Northeast Ohio in just four days from the initial request!

support COVID-19 vaccinations

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