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Data Analytics and Cloud Migration

University Hospitals sought to expand its data management and analytics capabilities by leveraging the data platform and analytics services available in Microsoft Azure. A new, hybrid data warehouse would allow users to discover and analyze data faster in a self-service solution.

With their previous data warehousing and business intelligence solutions, University Hospitals experienced a variety of challenges and limitations. Issues included onboarding new data sources, the standardization of data models, and difficulties discovering and sharing datasets. Query performance did not meet user needs and real-time analytics did exist.

The previous data warehouse was comprised of multiple staging databases that contained snapshots of data retrieved from multiple source systems. In addition, a centralized data model that covered a set of core functional areas was also available. This solution failed to meet the needs of the organization for cloud-based data warehousing, historical reporting, near real-time data processing, analytics, self-service data preparation, and collaboration.

University Hospitals engaged KiZAN to migrate the data warehouse and artifacts to an Azure Modern Data Platform at an accelerated pace so that they could retire parts of the on-premises data warehouse prior to January 1, 2021.

The full end-to-end solution adheres to the best practices of Azure infrastructure, security, monitoring, and cost containment for consumption.

Activities to complete the migration included:

• KiZAN accelerated the migration of the on-premises data warehouse to Azure

• Established and configured Azure tenant

• Established and configured Power BI tenant

• Installed and configured on-premises data gateway

• Recreated on-premises data estate in Azure

• Performed discovery, requirements gathering and development for data processing

• Deployed or recreated the existing SQL Server Integration Services packages

• Developed solutions for EMS ingestion, WinSCP, and TouchWorks binary conversion

• Performed cost analysis between Azure Data Factory with Azure SQL Database vs Azure Synapse Analytics

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