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KiZAN is a full-spectrum resource for Microsoft enterprise professional services.

Chart Industries manufactures engineered products and systems for a variety of cryogenic and heat transfer applications. The company provides industrial gas equipment used throughout the liquid gas supply chain in the production, storage, and end-use of natural gas and industrial gases.

By trusting KiZAN with all their Microsoft technology issues, Chart Industries has embraced the full spectrum of KiZAN services and receives a superior customer experience as a result. KiZAN’s range of Microsoft solution expertise spans multiple practice areas, and our teams work cohesively and collaboratively to deliver results for both Chart’s large projects and ad hoc support needs.

Because of our commitment to creating raving fans and our holistic approach to providing service and support across the Microsoft ecosystem, KiZAN has consistently maximized the value of Chart’s technology investments.

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“When I reach out to KiZAN with a challenge, KiZAN’s approach, resources, and cost model (investment) has time and again consistently delivered value to people in our organization.”

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Nathaniel Hauenstein

Global Enterprise Infrastructure Manager

Chart Industries


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Enjoy a superior customer experience by trusting KiZAN with all your Microsoft service and support needs.

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