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The Amynta Group – Proteus Migration to Azure

The Amynta Group is a is a premier insurance services company headquartered in New York City with more than $1.8 billion in managed premium and 2,000 associates across North America, Europe, and Australia. An independent, customer-centered, and underwriting focused company, Amynta serves leading carriers, wholesalers, retail agencies, auto dealers, original equipment manufacturers, and consumer product retailers with innovative insurance and warranty protection solutions.

As part of Amynta Group’s separation from Amtrust, Amynta needed to move their Accelerate application from Amtrust’s on-premises data center. KiZAN was retained to not only move the application into Azure but to refactor the application as a cloud-native application to make use of virtual machines and PaaS to help scale and reduce their operational overhead and complexity. As part of the migration, Amynta wanted to create several instances of the application for various flavors of development, testing, and production while scaling each instance to multiple geographic regions. 

KiZAN began the engagement by performing an architectural and design session, followed by a Scaffolding engagement. KiZAN’s Scaffolding is an adaptation of Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) aimed at creating landing zones with the appropriate governance in Azure for servers and applications. The outcome helped Amynta Group better understand how to manage their Infrastructure assets, save costs, and provide more agility, scalability, and security by upgrading the modern Azure Infrastructure. 

The resulting design reduced the footprint of a single instance of the application from 28 virtual machines to 6 virtual machines by utilizing app services for the front ends and business logic. SQL PaaS replaces SQL Server Clusters for the back-end databases. The only remaining virtual machines are for SQL Server Reporting Services. 

Deployment of the Accelerate environments is driven using a CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps, allowing Amynta to quickly deploy multiple environments for development, test, and production with minimal interaction. This approach provides the consistency Amynta needs to meet internal and regulatory compliance.

KiZAN currently provides on-going support and managed services to Amynta further reducing their management overhead and lowering the TCO of the application.

Due to the successful application migration, Amynta has a scalable, secure, and highly-available application environment that can be deployed with automation, reducing their TCO without additional capital expense or increasing headcount.
  • Migrated the on-prem application to Azure
  • Significantly reduced the number of VM’s and increases the use of PaaS services
  • Significantly lowered the management overhead with PaaS
  • Increased application scalability
  • Fully-automated the deployment to the environments via a CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps (using Terraform)
  • Provided secure Azure environment
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