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KiZAN is a trusted advisor for Azure DevOps Consulting.

Amynta is a premier insurance services company with more than $1.8 billion in managed premiums and 2,000 associates across North America, Europe, and Australia. Amynta specializes in property, casualty and specialty insurance as well as warranty and protection. Amynta serves leading carriers, wholesalers, retail agencies, auto dealers, original equipment manufacturers, and consumer product retailers with innovative insurance and warranty protection solutions.

When merger and acquisition activities required Amynta to modernize complex, aging applications, they turned to KiZAN because of our extensive expertise with both infrastructure and application development in Azure. Utilizing Azure DevOps, KiZAN was able to accelerate application builds and speed to release as well as improve both the infrastructure and infrastructure as code.

With critical timing needs and internal experts unavailable, Amynta leveraged KiZAN’s bench strength to ensure that proper testing, backups and business continuity processes were implemented throughout the engagement. Amynta continues to trust KiZAN because of our commitment to excellence, our depth of expertise in the Microsoft cloud, and our ability to work effectively and efficiently to deliver IT modernization.

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“Having leveraged KiZAN’s services for the past year, I can definitively say that they have provided immense value. The staff I have been fortunate enough to work with are outstanding, to the point where I feel like they are team members. I would recommend them to anyone whose needs match KiZAN’s capabilities.”

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Colby Giles

Director of Software Development

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