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Automating Secure File Transfer in Epic

Posted by Brandon Stephenson on Aug 29, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Automating Data Integration with Epic Using PowerShell

Epic is arguably the healthcare application in the United States. There are other systems that serve the same function. But let's face it, Epic holds a 51% margin as US healthcare organizations' choice for clinical systems. It is impossible to deny, if you are in the IT Healthcare space, you are interfacing with Epic.

One of the challenges Epic poses is its interdependency on third parties. Specifically, with one of our clients, there was a problem with the manner in which data moved between the Epic modules for Revenue Cycle and third parties who provided billing services to the organization.

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Service Management Lessons from Pokémon GO

Posted by Brandon Stephenson on Aug 4, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Pokémon GO has become a surprisingly (even for those who were watching it closely) successful game, or at the very least a very successful social experiment. It has firmly established the allure of an augmented reality game that leverages a known IP or major franchise. It has shown that people are willing to go to great lengths to play a game, and it has created an interesting cultural touchstone, especially for individuals who grew up during the original popularity of the franchise.

As someone who was in middle school when the franchise dropped in America (and had already been playing the games in their original Japanese version, #nerdcred) I was interested in giving it a whirl with some friends. Even people who were very into or aware of the franchise became interested, wanting to see what the big deal was.

So my wife, two friends, and our daughter (strapped along for the ride in a baby carrier) went out to explore sites and catch Pokémon in the greater Cincinnati region.

The experience was fun, and we made a lot of great memories collaborating with other people we stumbled across – to the point that we had 30-40 people working together in Yates Cove on Sunday. I can see it being a pleasant social activity to do with friends, as well as something to do while traveling to get an understanding of the area.

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Topics: Service Management