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Joint Startup Ventures

Pursue what you love by partnering with a business and technology partner who can complement your industry-specific insights and subject matter expertise to take your vision from dream to reality. KiZAN’s IP division engages in startup joint ventures with entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and a passion for delivering game-changing solutions for customers.


eBlu was created to help specialty medical practices manage the complex workflow around high-cost infusion and injection treatments. A single denied claim can be costly, which is why practices are willing to put up with long hold times and multiple portals simply to talk to a provider. eBlu believes there’s a better way: a single portal for all your in-office infusion and injection therapies. eBlu mitigates risk, improves staff efficiency, and reduces the training and onboarding burden for new staff members.

Website: eblusolutions.com

CXO Workbench is an innovative, self-managed tool that companies of all sizes use to build and maintain effective and competitive business and technology plans. Do more effective technology planning and align business strategy with the technologies you have in place today and those you should be thinking about for tomorrow.

Website: cxoworkbench.net