LG&E/KU had a monthly, manual process to produce reports from four disparate systems.  These reports were very labor intensive, requiring more than 160 labor hours of manual data compilation and report generation each month.  This process was so onerous, that reporting from these systems only happened once a month.  LG&E/KU had to wait to see critical data and spent a great deal of time gathering information they already owned.  LG&E/KU partnered with KiZAN Technologies to replace this process and create an end to end Human Resources (HR) Business Intelligence (BI) solution allowing daily access to their data.  This solution brought together four different systems into a singular conformed data warehouse including: core internal employee events from PeopleSoft, recruitment/onboarding data from Kenexa, time and labor data from a custom time entry system, and new entry systems from custom inputs housed in SharePoint. This was the first time that all of this data could be seen side-by-side, highlighting new insights that had never been discovered before.terim HealthCare has partnered with KiZAN to improve management of their laptops, desktops, tablets, and Office 365 environment. KiZAN provided a health check of SCCM and OS deployment guidance for Windows 10 Enterprise in order for Interim Healthcare to have one common platform to support and enable consistent and familiar capabilities for Health Care and Corporate users across many devices and locations.