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Unlock the Power of Teams Phone with KiZAN's Microsoft Experts

Enhance Collaboration & Productivity

Enhance team collaboration with seamless calling in Microsoft Teams. KiZAN, a certified Microsoft Partner, maximizes Teams Phone capabilities with features like group call pickup and real-time AI call summaries. Boost productivity now!

Unmatched Security & Reliability

Ensure a safe and reliable communication environment with Microsoft Teams Phone. KiZAN configures Teams Phone with top-tier security measures, including end-to-end encryption, spam detection, and advanced compliance recording. Benefit from smooth operation backed by a 99.99% uptime SLA.

Azure Identity Protection
Simplify Management & Reduce Costs

Simplify communication management with Teams Phone through KiZAN, your Microsoft Partner, for easy user provisioning, policy assignment, and device management. Explore cost-saving options like internal call consolidation.

Greater flexibility
KiZAN Optimizes Your Teams Phone Experience

KiZAN offers advanced Teams Phone setup, tailored to your business needs. We integrate with existing tools, explore call centers and custom apps, and provide ongoing support for maximum value.

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Simplify Communication and Empower Teamwork

Transform your business communication with Microsoft Teams Phone, a cloud-based calling solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams. Make and receive calls from anywhere on any device, fostering collaboration and boosting productivity. Empower your teams with features like call forwarding, delegation, and real-time AI-powered call summaries. Ensure a secure and reliable communication experience for your employees and customers, all while simplifying management and potentially reducing costs.

Customer Success

Isuzu Motors Limited drives communication with Teams Phone

Isuzu Motors Limited relocated its office to enhance productivity and work-life balance. Transitioning from PBX to Teams Phone expanded communication capabilities, allowing employees to take calls from PCs anywhere. This switch reduced the need for relayed messages and streamlined the receptionist's workload with automatic call categorization.

Teams Phone helps AHW upgrade their customer experience

AHW upgraded their phone system with Teams Phone to enhance customer experiences, empower employees with new technology, and uphold stricter security standards. This provided increased security and compliance features, streamlined sales processes, and improved customer service. Employees now have access to the latest technology while meeting security protocols, and customers benefit from calls being automatically routed to the right department, ensuring no missed opportunities.

Enjoy a superior customer experience by trusting KiZAN with all your Microsoft service and support needs.